Chey Halliwill


In February (2016), Chey played a single song at the Performers Expo at Wayne State Community College. Here's what the audience of Detroit area booking agents and music industry folks had to say:


Wonderful song! .......... it sounds wonderful. Great sing ability.

Your voice is cool. ....thank you for sharing with me.

I would buy your music...... you are wonderful

Thank you for bringing us original material! True singer-songwriter material. I really liked your song. Also good move with the double-time section - I was waiting for a change of some kind. Key changes can add some flavor too. Really nice!

Can't beat original pieces, period! That was great, soulful ....... articulation grew as you warmed up.

Strong voice - Strong showcase "presence" - Original song=well?written - nice guitar playing

Nice confidence

Strong presence & performance - Good voice ....... did very well ....... really wanted to hear your story!

Nice work, nice look, works well with song selection

Very talented songwriter! Your vocals made me believe you owned the music.

Nice originality

Very nice song, Love your confidence

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